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CANNOT NETFILE: showing CRA not ready until February 21


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Hello, I tried to file my return today but run into the following error:

"The Canada Revenue Agency's electronic submission service for tax year 2021 will open on February 21, 2022. Please return on or after that date to file. If you are also filing a Quebec return, the NetFile Québec service will open on February 21, 2022."

It seems the updater won't return anything either. Any help will be much appreciated!



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I had this issue today though I'm pretty sure UFile 2021 (Windows) was updated when I opened it yesterday. I closed it and opened it again, it asked if I wanted to update it. I believe the date of the update was Mar 20. It then worked again on the same returns it was outputting this error on.
The current version says: 25.14 (Help -> About UFile).

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