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Travel expense in T776 form


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I own a rental property. I do a lot of travels from my home to the rental property (supervise repairs and manage property).

How do I declare travel expenses in T776 form? I'm a little confusing when reading the line 9281 - Motor vehicle expenses.

What kind of expense that I can claim as 'Travel'? Carburant, kilometrage etc... Is there a simple method or we need to keep all receipts and keep tracking every travel.

Thank you.

'Line 9200 - You can deduct travel expenses you incur to collect rents, supervise repairs and manage your properties. Travelling
expenses include the cost of getting to your rental property but do not include board and lodging, which we consider to be
personal expenses. To claim the travel expenses you incur, you need to meet the same requirements discussed at
“Line 9281 – Motor vehicle expenses” on this page.'

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Do you only own ONE property?  If so, what you posted doesn't apply; that's for multiple properties.

  • If you own one rental property – You can deduct reasonable motor vehicle expenses if you meet all following conditions:
    • you receive income from only one rental property that is in the general area where you live
    • you personally do part, or all, of the necessary repairs and maintenance on the property
    • you have motor vehicle expenses to transport tools and materials to the rental property

You cannot deduct motor vehicle expenses you incur to collect rents. These are personal expenses.

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Thank you for your reply. I own 2 rentals properties. 
I do not travel to collect rent. They are for doing repair myself or supervise works done by others. 
How do I calculate travel expenses? Would it be mileages x mileage rate allowed by government (0,59cent/mileage)? 

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I do a friend's taxes who owns 4 rental properties.  The deduction is based on the mileage used for business compared to total mileage driven for the year.  So first, you need to know the mileage on the vehicle on 01-01-2021 and then again on 31-12-2021.  This will give you the total kilometers driven.  I told my friend to track the mileage for personal use instead of tracking the mileage for each property and/or personal.  Once she provides me with the total kilometres driven, total personal use kilometers, I subtract the personal use mileage from the total mileage.  Then I divide the amount remaining by 4 because she has 4 properties.  I then enter the total kilometers driven and the amount (25% of remaining) used for business under each property.  You enter 100% of the expenses under each property as Ufile will calculate the percentage of vehicle expenses for each property based on the mileage you entered for each one.

One last note: if you change vehicles during the year, then you need to enter the info for each vehicle separately so you'll need to ensure you keep track of the expenses and mileage for each vehicle.

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I've dealt with similar travel expenses for my rental property, and it can be a bit tricky. It's essential to keep detailed records, including receipts, mileage, and purpose of each trip. The CRA often requires documentation for claims. Check if using the simplified method or actual expenses works better for you, and use promo codes from https://www.firstordercode.com/category/food to save a bit. I hope that helps!

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