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Unable to add more T5008 entries


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I have around 400 T5008 slips to file for my 2021 tax return, however the maximum amount of slips I can put on UFile is around 100. 

I read comments saying that you can group common securities together. However, many of the securities include options which have the expiration date and strike as part of the security name. Thus, I am not sure if I can group these together.


I was wondering if there was any way to have this completed properly.



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You don’t actually have to use the T5008. There is another form for cap gains. You can find it under the section on investment income on UFile.  You can enter the security etc manually. But with the number of transactions you have, I suspect your activity  might be more properly classed (and taxed) as business income, not cap gains.  :) 

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