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Spouse already filed, am I able to use "complete information" inteview type and NOT (re)file his taxes when completing my own?


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My husband has already filed his return, but when doing my own return I would like to select "complete information" when I do the spousal interview in order to take advantage of Working Families tax credit. If I use ufile this way will it necessarily re-file his taxes?? i.e can I select complete info for the spousal interview AND not actually submit his tax return as he has already submitted it?

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Two questions there…. :) Can you simply not file the spouse’s return? Yes you can. Whether that produces the outcome you wish is another story though. UFile may maximize certain amounts between spouses. That means the return UFile calculated for your spouse (and you didn’t file) does not match the return the spouse actually filed. That likely leads to a bad outcome once CRA looks at things. A better approach would be to use the option to provide the spouse’s net income only. Next year, file both returns together. It’s much easier and will minimize the family unit’s tax liability.

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