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T1135 - cryptocurrency with detailed reporting - how to break it down and country?


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I will need to report more than $250k outside of Canada this year based on cryptocurrency.  I am confused about how to fill the T1135.

1) Select the category of specified foreign property held at any time during the year:

Would crypto be a) Funds held outside of Canada; or b) Other property outside of Canada?

2) Description of property
I have multiple wallets and multiple exchange accounts.  Should I have a) one category called "Cryptocurrency" or b) break it down by exchange.  If b) what would I do about online wallets?

3) Country code:

I'm not sure this question even makes sense.  If I used an online wallet (integrated to a browser) there is no country.  If I use an exchange like Binance, would I indicate its headquarters or its datacenter (not sure i know).  There is a country code of "Other".  


Currently I am thinking of a single entry:
1) Other property outside of Canada
2) Cryptocurrency
3) Other 



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