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living in another country

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I'm going to complete my taxes for 2021. I have a student visa.
I was living in Canada until November, then I moved to the United States where I am now.
In the section "current address", should I write the address that I had in 2021 in Canada? or my address where I live now in the United States?

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Since you left Canada before Dec 31st 2021, you were no longer a resident for tax purposes. So if you are filing to recover taxes you paid, you need to indicate your date of departure and your current US address.

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You can use the address where you are actually living but in many cases as a student you may want to be consistent in where your mail is delivered. That would be the case if you believe you may move several times while a student. That said you need to determine your residency status.

  "If your stay abroad is temporary and you have kept significant residential ties in Canada, you will generally be considered a factual resident of Canada." 



If you are in fact a non-resident you will need to file a Canadian return for the period 1 January 2021 up to the date you left. You will also need to file a US return. Make sure you are on side with the regulations.

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