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Questions re: T5008, Schedule 3 & expired options


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Hi!! I have a few questions on filing taxes for executed trades this tax year. I have multiple T5008's that can populate the interview process from the CRA. 

1) Do I NEED to file each individual T5008 slip, or can I just fill out a schedule 3 with the final Capital gain/loss with ACB and in Canadian Dollars?

2) If I need to file the T5008's, when it asks for a forex exchange rate, am I putting the figure in CAD-USD or USD-CAD for proper calculating with Ufile. For example: .79usd or 1.26cad on the date listed?

3) I have options contracts that expired worthless and do not generate a T5008. How do I file for those to factor into the grand total Capital gain/loss individually? Or, again, do I just file one schedule 3 with a grand total in Canadian dollars?


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