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How to Split Home Office Expenses between two different sole proprietorships


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So I now run two different sole proprietorships out of the same home office space, and I'd like to split the home office expenses between the two of them on the two separate T2125 Forms. How is this done on the Ufile program?

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Try claiming the proportionate share on each T2125 in the home office section. That said you need to be careful with income from more than one proprietorship with respect to the GST/PST or HST. If the total gross exceeds $30k you are liable for the tax. Just FYI.

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HI there. So I use 18% of my house as home office, 82% Personal use. Can I put it at 91% in the Portion (%) of home that is used for personal purposes box for each T2125, thereby letting the program make the calculation to split the home expenses 50/50 with each business? The actual personal use is 82%.

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