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Rental income share between a couple


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If a couple reports a 50/50 share of a rental income, will 50% automatically transferred to the other spouse’s return once 50% share is indicated and full income/expense is input under one couple? It looks like it will not and 50% needs to input on each return respectively. Please confirm. 


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I'm a longtime user of Ufile (20 years) and a former programmer.  Yes, you have to enter all of the total rental income and expense detail under both spouses and specify 50% ownership for both.  If they each have a vehicle and both use it to maintain their property, then they would each have to enter the vehicle expenses specific to their vehicle and each enter the total mileage driven in the year and the mileage used for business in that year.  This also applies if a business has more than one owner.  Each owner has to enter the total income/expenses and specify their share of the business.  The only type of income that Ufile does split automatically is pension income..

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