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Ufile not calculating vehicle CCA under each rental property


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I am doing a return that includes 3 rental properties.  In the past, the taxpayer leased a vehicle so there was no depreciation.   In April 2021, she bought out the lease of the same vehicle.  So I entered the expenses and mileage for the vehicle when it was leased under each property.  I then added a purchased vehicle under each property that included the same name and registration as it was the same vehicle, except now it was owned instead of being leased.  I entered the expenses and appropriate mileage for each property.

Everything is OK for the motor vehicle expenses under each property, the problem is that the CCA is only calculated for the last property on the list.  The other 2 properties have CCA of $0.00.  The information I entered for each vehicle is identical except for different mileage used for business amounts (2 properties at 35% of the business mileage, 1 property at 30% of the business mileage for the year).  

I've used Ufile for 20 years and can usually figure out a work-around but I am at my wit's end trying to figure this out.  Is this a bug in the software?  Isn't each rental property's CCA considered a separate entity?  Why is Ufile calculating the vehicle expenses correctly based on the mileage but only calculating the vehicle CCA on the last property?

I don't know if anyone will answer this.  I suspect I may have to call Ufile this week.



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