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Inaccordance between T4 and RL-1


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I have a problem with filling out a field related to my T4/RL-1 that I got from my university.
The field of: PPIP insurable earnings (RL-1 Box I).
Box 56 in my T4 is empty, but there is an amount in RL-1 Box I. I checked the definitions and did some search:
T4: 24: EI insurable earnings (Gains assurables d'AE)
      56: PPIP insurable earnings (Gains assurables du RPAP)
            PPIP: Provincial parental insurance plan (PPIP) premiums paid
            RPAP: Cotisations au régime provincial d'assurance parentale (RPAP)

RL-1: I: Salaire admissible au RQAP 
            RQAP: le salaire admissible au Régime québécois d'assurance parentale = (QPIP) the eligible salary or wages under the Québec parental insurance plan 

The amount of the eligible salary or wages under the QPIP generally corresponds to the amount of insurable earnings on which you withhold Employment Insurance premiums.

Based on this, I think instead of entering the amount in box 56, I should enter the amount in box 24 (which is actually the same as the amount in box I of RL-1).
So, I will use 24 twice, for both 24 and 56!

My question:
Can anyboy please confirm if this is right?!


UFile T4A(56), RL1(I).png

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