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T4A(P) UFile bug?

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I'm a volunteer with the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) and while preparing a return for a client I believe I've discovered a bug in UFile. This client has a government-issued T4A(P) showing an amount in both boxes 14 (retirement benefit) and 16 (disability benefit), but only box 23 (number of months - retirement) shows "12" while box 21 (number of months - disability) is empty. UFile doesn't seem to like this as it marks it as an error that I'm leaving box 21 empty. The client informed me that this is likely because there were a number of delays in their disability benefits they applied for in 2018, so in 2021 they received effectively 3 years worth of disability benefits. The combination of boxes 21 and 23 cannot exceed 12, so I can't also simply enter "12" for the empty box 21. How should I proceed in this case?

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