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hI, IN 2020 the climate action was not reported in the additional information on the first pages of the return, is this something new in 2021? I can see that the Trillium amounts are also listed in 2021


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I just turned 64 This year, perhaps that is the reason why my return now shows in the additional information section of the second page of the summary section of the return ( i.e. 4th page) and now include not only the gst rebate ( that did show up on the 2020) but also a detail of the Ontario Trillium, Ont. Senior homeowners property tax grant, Ontario Climate Action incentive before the total RRSP deduction. I do not know why in 2020 non of the items showed up in my return, the owner grant is justifiable but the other items should be listed, is this a glitch in the program?

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As well I do not see the property tax amount paid in line 61120 that now shows in my Ontario Trillium application, the application did not appear in 2020 as well. Is it because it only shows up when you do qualify for the homeowners property tax grant that these amounts & forms appear in the return?

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