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Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit

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I have read today in the news that this credit has not yet been approved by the government and that anyone who has claimed this credit for 2021 are now stuck waiting for their return to be processed by CRA.


Why would this credit be added to the software when it is not yet approved?

Why is there not a warning when filling this out in uFile?

I am beyond frustrated that this is available in the software when it has not been approved, this makes no sense at all.

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Yes it can be frustrating both for those that have filed and likely the software developers. In order to have the software approved by CRA it needs to include and follow CRA guidelines. Basically people should still file for the credit and get their returns in on time. The delay will be annoying. I suspect none of the tax software companies produce a warning that the legislation for the credit has not passed. A warning may have caused people to delay or omit the claim. In that case if the legislation gets passed many people would have to amend their returns. Good point however that Ufile should produce a warning but also suggest people file for the claim anyway and not delay. 


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