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How to input information from NR4 slips into Ufile as a non-resident?


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Does anyone know how to input information from NR4 slips into UFile? NR4 box 17 corresponds to which box in UFIle ?

My specific case is I am a non-resident and receive NR4 slips (for dividends income = code 09 in box 14) (on NR4 slip box 16 = amount, and box 17=tax withheld) . How do I input these boxes 16 and 17 in UFile ? I repeat that I want also the tax witheld to be inputted somewhere so I can recover it (as I qualify for credits).

Thank you for your help !

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Because (as I understand) NR7 is for an incorect percentage of withholding tax. In my case the percentage is corect. But I want to recover the witholding tax by filling a tax return and apply the tax credits and deductions (I am a Canadian citizen but a non-resident that wants to fill annual taxes).

In this way I want recover the money from withholding tax that were retained. Can you help ? Thanks a lot!

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Do a search on this site for NR4 and look at the post by Nawal. It explains how to setup for non-resident filing. The issue would be however the accepted type of filing such as a Section 216, 217, 218.3 or a return for the disposition of Canadian property by a non-resident. Usually the withholding tax for investment income is considered a final obligation by a non-resident. You would claim the withholding tax on your tax return for where you are resident as a foreign tax credit. If that is in the US the credit can be claimed on the Federal return as well as on some State returns. I believe there are still some states however that do not accept foreign tax credits.

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1:  I had the same problem for inputting Box 17(Tax withheld) of NR4 to UFile.
2: UFile auto generates T1159 but with Box 43700 (Tax withheld) empaty.
3: Without inputting the value of the tax withheld, UFile tells me that I own tax instead of refunding.

4: So I had to fill up T1159 manually for refunding, spending a lot time to do the work which Ufile should do for me.



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