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report the medical expense of 2020 in the current tax return


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Last year, I was filing my tax return with Turbotax and I learned that I could report the medical expense of 2020 in the tax return of 2021. So I did not report the medical expense of 2020 (private health insurance) and keep it for this year. 

My question is how and where I can enter this information in my Ufile tax return filing.

Thank you!

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Dance, did you find your answer?

You should be able to report 2020 expenses in 2021, as long as they are within a 12 month period which ENDS in 2021.  You need to enter the dates for the 12 months, so it will accept them.

I stopped using TT after 2018, but I always used a non-Dec. 31 year end for medical expenses.

I you have some which won't fit into 2021, you can go back and change your return for 2020, if there is enough to bother.

I just changed both 2020 and 2021 because I forgot to enter the end date, so UF defaulted to Dec. 31.  I was able to change it right from 'My Account' on the CRA website.  easy-peasy and they said it would take 2 weeks to credit the refund.

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