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Claiming Dependent (when change of status)


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Hello, hoping you can help me with this scenario

One of my dependents lived with us until April (4months), however signed a new lease with her boyfriend in March and gave birth at the end of April. 

1) Do I claim her as a dependent if she lived with us Full-time until she gave birth and stayed with us part-time until the end of May?

  • If I claim her as a dependent, do I also add my grand-child born in April 2021 on my family return (My inkling is no because she now has a dependent)?

2) Is she considered single or common-law if she is sharing an apartment with the father of her child, even if it has been less than a year in 2021?

3) Should I be filing her 2021 tax return as she was still a dependent for 4 months?

4) Should she be filing her own 2021 tax return with her child or should she be filing a joint return with the father of her child?

And for context  I'm filing in Quebec!

Thanks in advance, 


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