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Rejected Netfile Error 561


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I am trying to submit through Netfile and it is saying that there are errors with which lines data is on and error 561 in regards to tuition amounts.

Please help! Can Ufile correct this? I am not sure where the error is but their system won't let me file electronically. :(Error code(s):561


"You entered an amount for eligible tuition fees on line 32000 and/or line 32001 of the federal Schedule 11 and on line 59140 on the provincial or territorial Schedule 11. One of the following situations applies to your return : 1. Your province or territory of residence on December 31 is other than Yukon – Line 59140 must equal lines 32000 minus 45350 for Canada training credits plus 32001. When line 32000 minus line 45350 is negative, then line 59140 must equal line 32001. 2. Your territory of residence on December 31 is Yukon – Line 59140 must equal the sum of lines 32000 and 32001."


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Hello, I was also having this problem. Finally got to speak to someone yesterday from CRA. (3 hours on hold). You can only claim the Canada Training credit if it shows on your NOA from last year. You have to have income more than $10,000 in the previous year to get this credit. And the income amount goes up a little every year. So you have to be working at least part time AND going to school to be able to get the $250 Canada Training Credit. 

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