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An invalid account or GST number was entered within a business or rental property.

Louis Hahlweg

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Hi there!

This is my first year filing my taxes as self-employed.

Under self-employed income it asks to include the federal account number as well as your GST registration number.

Both of these are correct according to the data and information I have on my CRA account.

My question, concern and current issue is:

under the "REVIEW" tab, an error preventing electronic filing that states "An invalid account or GST number was entered within a business or rental property." keeps me from filing.

I have seen one other thread on here that relates to this issue and the staff/admin member mentioned having two "T2125" forms and to remove one - I only have one currently and the thread stopped there. I'm at a loss here, not sure what to do as all my information is up to date and correct as far as I can tell. Please get back to me ASAP. Greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much,


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