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Phone number issue

LG Saint

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Ufile have one error: You must enter a valid home telephone number, click here to fix, Include the area code, and ensure that you only entered numbers and not letters.

I input same as last year, can't success.

I tried many times, can't work, I can't submit the QC tax file.

This online software is ridiculous, maybe I should switch to other tax software next year.

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Address different than spouse's (family head)

If the spouse lives at a different address from the family head's (e. g. a nursing home), then report the change of address, as follows;

In the file of a spouse, in the "Identification" section of the left-side menu in the " Interview " tab, for the line "Do you have the same address as your spouse?", three options are available:

1. If you answer "YES" (or leave the field blank) and click on "Next" at the bottom of the page, the address and phone number of the family head will also be used for the spouse.

2. If you answer "NO" and click on "Next" at the bottom of the page, in the page entitled "Current address", indicate the postal address and indicate the name of the person to the care of which you want the mail to be sent. For the second part of this page "Information about your residence", answer the three questions, the second being important. You can also enter the phone number of your residence.

3. If you answer "Yes, but different phone #" and click on "Next" at the bottom of the page, the address of the family head will be used for the spouse. However, a separate page entitled "Telephone number" will be available in this spouse's interview.

Whether you answer "YES" or "NO" does not have any tax implication in the program.

However, in some provinces, there can be tax implications for having a separate residence from your spouse's. You may report the information regarding separate residences for tax purposes in the "Province's tax and credits" section

ID: 20200115124349CA.xml

Webpage: KPA340-20200115124349CA.htm

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My wife is family head in tax return, I input as the spouse,  and so on my kids.

At Interview Tab,

    There is  "Current address" items which I can input Mailing address&Telephone number

    There is no "current address" items which I can input address & other information 

    That means I will follow and get default address& phone number information from my wife(family head)

    At this point, I am ok even I have my own phone number.


At Review Tab

    Error happe: "You must enter a valid home telephone number" when I click the link, it will transfer to Interview tab and create a my own "Current address" page, and this page still can't be seen from left navigation column, it is a hidden page, it only come out from Review Tab transfer.  Of couse, with this hidden page, I tried my times to change the phone number, it can't pass the Review and submit the QC Tax file successfully, federal part is ok.


So, I think it is a bug of Ufile, please fix it, or tell me what's wrong of my setup, because my setup is totally same with my 2020 return, so it is funny.

please fix it.


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Hey there, sorry to hear that you're having trouble with Ufile. It can definitely be frustrating when something as simple as a phone number is preventing you from submitting your tax file! Have you tried contacting their customer support? They might be able to assist you with the issue.Also, if you need a temporary phone number to use, you might want to check out some of the services that offer a temporary number usa. They can be quite useful for situations like this. Just make sure to use it only for the purpose of filing your taxes, as temporary numbers aren't meant to be used long-term.

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