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Ontario Sales Tax Credit


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I'm preparing the return for a parent with a recently deceased spouse and the Ontario Trillium calculation page in the program is all blank.

In past years the deceased spouse would be the one who would claim the Ontario credits and the calculation would show properly, but with the recent change, the program doesn't play nicely anymore and nothing I do seems to get it to do the proper calculation.

In Ufile the interview page states the following


You do not need to apply for the OSTC when you file your tax return. The CRA will determine your eligibility and tell you if you are entitled to receive the credit. For families, the OSTC is paid to the person whose return is assessed first.

So does this mean the calculation in the program is for display/information purposes only and if I file the return with the CRA, they would then automatically apply the correct information?

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Problem solved.

I changed the two correctly entered marital status fields in the "Identification" section to something else and then immediately changed it back to exactly what was selected the moment before and then the calculation began to display correctly.

It looks like a bug in the program. I have definitely noticed over the last few years a lot of buggy interactions between different elements in the spousal returns where different fields will cause problems with calculations for no apparent reason. Coupled with the inability to delete family heads or juggle around dependants without manually restarting new files, I think it's time to move off of this program and on to something else.

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