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Multipe Additons to CCA, Major renovations


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I read through many forum postings, none give a clear answer to my questions.  Maybe one of the Pros can help..

I bought a Duplex in 2016.  I claimed expenses for the rental portions over the years, but never claimed depreciation.   In 2021 did $70K renovations.  I need to add this $70K to value of house (I believe Class-1 4%). I never entered/filled any CCA form for this house.

What I did.
On LHS click "Rental Property income > CCA".  On RHS click "Class-1 4%".  I put these numbers:
a) Value house (without the land) in "Opening balance UCC" = Say $500K
b) "To who should be allocated" =  I put 'Business 100%'
c) "Portion of CCA used for business" = I put 50% (other 50% is personal use)
d) Purchase date = 09-09-2016

Amount renovations:  $40K general (eg. outside, etc..) so the 50% business portion applies.  But $30K is solely for rental unit (so should be 100% business portion).   So officially, increase in value of house should be $40K*50% + $30K = $50K

1) Is ACB same as (a) above "Opening balance", ie. $500K (since never claimed any additions, nor depreciations for this house) + legal costs ?

2) In "Description Capital Addition", how do I enter amounts of my renos, so that $40K is under 50% use,  and $30K is 100% use?
Do I simply "double-up" the $30K, so I enter 40+2*30 = $100K, so that when Ufile software does calculation of 50% portion, it comes out to $50K (which is correct amount)?
OR do I need to do multiple entries in "Class-1 4%"?  If so, what do I enter in "Opening bal", ... for each entry?

3) "ACB of depreciable Capital Property" - do I need to fill this manually.  Its not automatically calculated?

4) Next year 2022, I will have more major reno, say $40K.  When I enter this amount in "Class-1" for 2022, must I manually enter all the values again  ie.  Opening balance,   ACB...?
Or will Ufile carry-over the info and calculate these automatically?
And will new "Opening balance" in 2022 be $500K + my additions ($50K) = $550K ?

Thank You

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