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Missing Dependant info


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I've been using UFile online since 2010 and have never had any technical issues. That's how good it is. However, this year when I launched 2021, my two children (dependants) were missing from the system. Usually all their information is carried forward from the previous year, which makes filling out the current return so much easier. Is there a way to retrieve this information or do I really have to start from scratch (that would be really unfortunate)?

Thank you

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I'll answer my own question 😀 Thanks very much to Yan at the UFile helpdesk for this information:

Carry forward last year data online.
Thank you for contacting UFile support

Please follow these steps:
o Log in in your account
o Open 2020 tax file
o Go to the Tax return OF 2020 module and download the file in PDF
o Click on Settings on the right top corner and Save and close the file
o Log in in your account
o Go to 2021 tax year and click on DELETE (please make sure you do not delete the 2020)
o Enter your password to confirm the delete
o Exit the account
o Sign in again
o Launch 2021 tax year; it should have the information


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