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Electronic filing errors


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Completed all the info but when trying to do the filing, there’s a message shown “electronic filing errors”.  Under which there’s a heading named “MaxBack Optimizations” in details it said “all federal taxable dividends for you and your spouse are being claimed by families head” and provided a link to “see line 12000 in CRA T1 guide for details”.  Tag to the link but have no idea how to fix this issue even after reading the details.  Hope someone can help me on this.  

Thanks In advance for the help and advices.


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Ok for dividends Ufile is optimizing your file based on a process that allows transfers. It's to your advantage. Ufile just wants you to be aware that it is taking place. Otherwise you would be questioning what is going on, which of course you are doing. Google dividend transfers between spouses and CRA. Or do a search for a previous post I did that explains it.

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