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How to split moving expenses between spouses


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My family and I moved from AB to ON in late fall 2021, and I claimed a small portion of our expenses against self employment income I earned in the new location. Most of our expenses have carried forward and are showing up in my interview for 2022, but my spouse earned more money in the new location in 2022. How do we claim the expenses on her return? Do I have to fill out a new T1M for her with all of the details of our 2021 moving expenses? Or do I just add "Unused moving expenses from prior year" to her interview? Or does maxback somehow apply the expenses to her return automatically?

There is a line for "net income earned in 2022 since the move". If I add an "Unused moving expenses from prior year" form to my spouse's interview, to I include all of the net income that we each earned?



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