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CRA carryover amounts


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The CRA carryover amounts is really puzzling me. Hope someone can assist me interpreting it. 

I'm checking to see if I have unused capital loss to use from prior years (through inputting it onto my UFile capital gain/loss history). 

Looking at the CRA carryover table, the top headers are : Year | $ inclusion rate | $ line 127 | $ unapplied net loss | $ net loss applied from prior year | $ net loss applied from subsequent year 

So my question is - the 2021 "$ unapplied net loss" should be the most up to date amount available to deduct any existing capital gains, correct ? 

Also, is it true that the table should balance with the total sum of "$ unapplied net loss" + "$ net loss applied from prior year" equals the total sum of "$ line 127" ? since the total unapplied + applied should balance with the reported capital gain/loss on line 127, right ? (this is the part that puzzles me because my sum does not balance)

Finally, because I had some reassessments from CRA in prior tax years, I need to update my UFile prior years' capital gain/loss, do I only input the figures in $ line 127 ? 

Thank you, 

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