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Auto-fill won't download


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I'm trying to use autofill for my 2021 tax return. The CRA popup does what it's supposed to, but when it brings me to the "accept my information" page, no data shows up and i'm given this message: "No data to display. You must complete the Retrieve tax information page".


This is very frustrating.. why won't it download?

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I am getting the same 'no data to display' message. Did you find a resolution? I have used auto-fill in the past with no issues. I have tried using two different CRA sign-in partners in case that would help, but keep getting the same message -seems to sign-in fine, but does not grab any data.

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FYI, for anyone else who encounters this issue... Apparently my CRA security code is expired, and because I haven't completed two tax returns (despite the most recent not even being due yet), I am locked out of my T slips and cannot use auto-fill. I am told they can send me my 2021 T slips by Canada Post, and then I can call back to get my security code reset (which they also send by Canada Post), so that I can eventually auto-fill my 2022 return. So annoying. The CRA guy on the phone said to make sure you log onto your CRA account every year to make sure the security code doesn't expire... which I thought I had done, but that's the only advice I got.

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