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Entering Sale and Purchase of home in 2022


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I understand how to enter the disposition of the sale of my old home this year and the fact I had the home since it was built in 2005. I entered all that information for the Capital Gains exemption. My questions are the following;

Do I have to enter it for my spouse as well or since we are married it is considered one unit per family

Second question is how does the Plus one work, I have purchases my new primary residence this year as well. Where or how do I enter the information of the purchase. The reason I ask is I sold and bought in July 2022 so half the year it was one home the and the other half year the other. I just cannot understand where or how to enter the purchase details of the primary residence I purchases and reside in.

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If you answer ‘Yes’ to ‘transferring the principle residence sale to your spousal return’ , Ufile will automatically do this. The ‘plus one” rule is a ‘free year’ gifted to you the year you change properties. If you designated the home for all years owned, Schedule 3 should be empty, except for line 17900 with box 1 checked. The first page only of the T2091 should be completed. No info on the purchased home is required.

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