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How do I file the Home Buyer's Amount with multiple co-owners who are not my spouse?

Kyle C

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I purchased a home with two other people. I have no spouse (my co-owners are however each-other's spouses)

Do I put 5 000 in the "…portion of the home buyers' amount..." field? Or do we divide it 3 ways? Something else? (I assume the same answer applies to the 10 000 for the SK portion)

Do we need to coordinate what we put in these fields? Or otherwise reference each-others documents in some way?

Bonus points if you can tell me what they should do when they file, considering they each have a spouse and myself as co-owners.


Notes: None of us have owned a home previously, and everything for the three of us is based entirely in Saskatchewan. (We are co-borrowers on the home as well if that makes a difference)

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