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Resident of Ontario as of December 31, but worked in Quebec b/w Jan-May 2022 [How to report taxes paid in Qc]


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1. I worked in Quebec b/w January and May of 2022

2. I Joined a new company and relocated to Ontario from July 2022 till date and still live in Ontario. 


1. I use autofill to import my tax data from CRA, and its not showing all the taxes I paid while working in Quebec, should I manually enter it and which section of Releve 1 should I be entering this amount? 

2. Can I still use Netfiling from Ontario within Ufile or you will need to print and mail to CRA? 

3. My kids school already issued tax papers for the fees paid, can we submit these as well now we are in On?

Thanks in advance. 

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