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Which CCA Class shall I choose when filling my return?


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Hey, guys, It is my first time to post a question in this great community since I use Ufile 2 year ago. Read a lot of very nice advice from here though...

I bought a condo as my principal residence from 2017-2020 and then rented out until sold in 2022. I filled T776 for the rental portion of 2022 and now came down to CCA part under T776. Here are my questions as following:

1. Which CCA class shall I choose, Class 1 (4%) or Land - non depreciable property? it was a condo unit in a residential/commercial conbined building.

2. "To whom the CCA should be allocated" includes: business level, partner lvl, and for the rental portion only. Which one shall I select? 

Anything else to be noted besides the above 2 when filing such a property sale in tax return is greatly appreciated as well.

Many thx!

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Anyone has some straightforward thoughts? I also read from other postings that suggests to call BC assessment for land/building breakdowns. What if BC assessment couldn’t give out such breakdowns for a condo? Is there any standard accepted criteria for proportion to apply CCA ie. 80% of ttl property value? 

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