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How to enter a T4RIF for a deceased spouse who has transferred monies to surviving spouse under s60 (L)


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The deceased spouse (passed in February 2022) was issued a T4RIF from Sun Life and included amounts in box 16, box 18, box 24 and box 28.

Within the T4RIF screen, I populated the dollar amounts from the T4RIF and specified the portion of box 16 transferred to a RRSP/PRPP. However when I ran off the Tax return summary, the "other income" amount was the sum of box 16 and box 18 and the balance owing is quite substantial.  Since this was a transfer under s60 (L) to the surviving spouse, I would have assumed that the taxes payable would have been zero. 

Question: How do I handle within Ufile?

The other part, is the surviving spouse who received  a RRSP contribution receipt from Sun Life- a transfer under section 60 (L). I entered this amount in the RRSP screen and specified the amount to be deducted would be zero. When I print off Schedule 7 it shows a huge unused contributions available to carry forward to a future year. I know this is wrong.

Question: How do I handle within Ufile?

Hopefully someone can shed light on the above. It appears that there is no provision of handling 'Transfers" within Ufile?


Thank you- DA

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