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How to input information from NR4 slip into Ufile as a resident?


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I am a resident of Canada and I received an NR4 slip from my bank with the following information: income code (box 14) = 61, gross income (box 16) = $X, and an empty non-resident tax withheld (box 17). It also mentions a non-resident account number with my name and payer/agent identification number.

I am finding it hard to incorporate this information into my Ufile account. Could anybody please help me with that?

Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately UFile does not support the NR4 directly.
Other slips need to be used according to the Income code shown in Box 14 of the NR4 slip.

 As shown in the reverse of the slip, the income code 61 in Box 14 corresponds to "Arm's length interest payments".

 Use a T5 page.
I understand that Boxes 12 and 15 of your NR4 are empty.
Enter the amount shown in Box 16 of your NR4 in Box 13 of the T5.

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