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Quebec prescription drugs plans


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My husband is 66 years old and hi is covered ONLYby my private insurance plan (officially confirmed with Maladie Quebec) . Even though he chose option 2 (Groupe insurance plan spouse, all year) the software estimate a premium in case 446 ( Quebec) to pay, so no exemption is possible? Can you help me with this? Thanks!


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Sorry for bumping into an old conversation. It may be hard to navigate the different insurance plans and exemptions.
Have you tried reaching out to the Quebec prescription drug plans directly? They can provide more information and assistance with this issue. There may be some paperwork or documentation that needs to be submitted to ensure that your husband is properly covered. Also, reduce the price by using amoxicillin coupon 2023 or other drug coupons. I hope that helps!

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Actually, Schedule K is quite straightforward. The RAMQ wants to know if you have private insurance or not, and which months apply. The origin of the private insurance  is inconsequential. If you mistakenly think you are privately insured, while in reality you are not, RAMQ will eventually find out and send you the bill for incurred medical expenses.

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