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Please help to fill out "foreign income - rental'


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For a US rental property, in addition to filling out T776 and T1135, I also need to fill in "Foreign income - rental (under "Foreign income & property") , right?

Part of the page of "Foreign income - rental" is shown below. I think "Net foreign rental income or loss" should be "gross rental income - expense", correct? Then how to calculate "foreign rental income entered as rental income"? 

My second question is about "limit of foreign tax credit and deduction (T2209)". It has 3 options in the drop-down box: Federal non business froeign tax credit (T2209), Provincial non business foreign tax credit(T2036) and Deduction under section 20(12). In order to maximize my foreign tax credit, I think I should choose all 3 of these options. But how to calculate the amount of each of these 3 options?




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