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Joint Loss Carryback (for T1A) - UFile only allows for 1 form between spouses?


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I have a capital loss in 2022 that I want to carryback to 2021.  In the interview you can fill out Form T1A.   This loss was for jointly held (50/50) assets between myself and my spouse.  If I enter the form under my interview, it will not allow me to also include the form in my spouses interview.  How do I claim this for my spouse?  Or, do I enter the total loss (ie. the two 50/50 halves added together) in my interview? But how will CRA know to apply it to my spouses 2021 tax return also??

This can't be uncommon - someone please help!


RESOLVED.... I needed to click the intent to do a carry back in the interview set up to allow the page to come up. No assistance required!

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Self resolved
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