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Best way to report income from a very small side Gig.


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Someone in my family is retired and spent a few days making some marketing related phone calls then sent an invoice for their work.

Now it is time to do the taxes. From my research, they are supposed to use the form T2125 to report this income. There are no assets or liablities or supplies. There are no expenses. Just a couple dozen hours billed at an hourly rate. It seems over the top to have to file this work as self employed, since it is such a small part of their usual activities.

Is there a better way to report this in some box somewhere that just says other income or some such thing?

I don't want CRA to think that they actually running a business when in fact it is just something that is going to happen for a few days once or twice a year. Or is this something i don't need to worry about.

While doing occasional work, we really don't see it as a business.

It would be like being hired a couple of times a year to rake a lawn. That is hardly worthy of being called self employed when it is just a small job someone asked you to do and agrreed to pay you.

Less than $2,000.00, but does impact tax owed a bit.


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