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Netfile won't accept dependants ID


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Hi there, I am trying to Netfile my taxes but keep getting a message saying that my dependants ID is not filled out, but it is. It has been filled out the same way every year so I don't understand what I am missing. The only thing that is not filled out is where it asks for the access code, but It also says at the top of the page that the access code is not mandatory. I do not have any extra dependants added by accident either. Can someone please tell me is this a glitch or something I am doing wrong? I just want to file my taxes before the end of the month...

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To troubleshoot this, I recommend double-checking all the dependant's ID fields, even the optional ones, to ensure there are no typos or missing information. If everything looks correct and you're still encountering the issue, it might be worth reaching out to the Netfile support team for assistance. They can provide more specific guidance on resolving this problem and ensure you can file your taxes on time.Also, you can check out idanalyzer. They offer solutions related to identity verification and scanning, which might be useful in ensuring the accuracy of your dependant's ID information.

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