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Taxable Benefits - Dental/Health Premiums - add to QC return? Where?


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My partner moved to QC while working (remotely) in Ontario. She received this letter, regarding coverage of Health and Dental Premiums. 

Taxable benefits are "not reported on your T4 slip. You are therefore responsible to add the following amount on your 2002" QC income tax return. 

I don't exactly know where in Ufile Windows I file that value. Does anyone else know? 


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Good day,

You need to create a T4 / RL-1 page in your partner's Interview.
You fill it as shown below by the green arrows.


In Box A and Box J you enter the amount shown on the letter.

As the premiums paid by your partner's employer are a taxable benefit in Quebec, the amount is eligible as medical expense.
The amount shown in Box J will be shown in the list of medical expenses for the Quebec return.

Note that the 9% sales tax mentionned in the letter is not the QST (Quebec Sales Tax).
It is the tax that applies to insurance contracts.



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