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Where do I enter info for RL-1 Box B-1 and RL-1 Box G-2

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Using the Autofill for both Federal and Quebec,  Ufile has created 3 forms (2 x T4/RL and 1 T4 only),  Problem is that when I try to netfile it comes up with errors indicating the following:



I suspect that by using the autofill for both federal and provincial some information has been duplicated.  I have also tried deleting the auto generated forms and entering the information manually however my RL-1 form has an amount in both the "B" and "B-1" boxes.  As amounts in the "G" and "G-2" boxes.  Ufile does not seem to have a form which will allow for the filling of both boxes.


Please help. 

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Good day Chris,

As you suspect, using Autofill for both federal and provincial often leads to duplication.
The software is unable to do a match when the issuer name is not the same on both sides.

Now about your situation.
Your RL-1  has amounts in,
 - Boxes B and B-1
 - Boxes G and G-2
This indicates that you worked, probably for the same employer,
 - in Quebec (B and G are related to QPP contributions)
 - outside of Quebec (B-1 and G-2 are related to CPP contributions)
You then would have,
 - one T4 slip with a code in Box 10 other than QC
 - one T4 slip with a QC code in Box 10 and a RL-1

Please confirm.

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