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Won't let me Netfile if I'm PPIP exempt?


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I'm being prevented from Netfiling and I don't know why - all information is correct.

Error messages in the final UFile review are: "Exempt PPIP earnings were specified on a T4 slip which originates outside of Quebec." and "You indicated in the T4 entry page that you are exempt from paying EI premiums. Verify that this is really the case as this will result in any EI premiums entered being refunded to you."

I've gone over my return three times now and it won't let me netfile! I'm PPIP and EI excempt - but there appears to be no way to confirm this. How does UFile want me to "verify" this info exactly?

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Good day,

More information is required about your situation.

1) What is your Province of residence on Dec. 31st, 2022?

2) The T4 slip
What is the content of the following boxes,
 - Box 10 (Province of employment)
 - Box 18 (EI premiums)
 - Box 24 (EI insurable earnings)


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