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prior year missed first 60 days of RRSP contribution


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Hi there,

It looks like I missed to file my RRSP contribution for prior year tax return (2021). Let's say there are 2k contributed in Jan-Feb 2022. My NOA for 2021 says "Unused RRSP contribution previously reported and available to deduct for 2022 is 0".
So now, when try use these 2K as unused portion in my 2022 tax return it gives me an error 2197 because 0 is not 2k :)

Question: Should I reFile my 2021 and add these missed 2K and wait for updated NOA and then do 2022? Can I reFile on my own or I should ask/confirm this with CRA first and they should release something and let me do that? Do I use Ufile2021 for reFile? I have it installed on my computer (Windows version)

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