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Hello shildebr,

There are 2 versions of UFILE available for purchase.  The ONLINE version and the WINDOWS version.

The UFile Online version costs more than the Windows version. This is because the Online version remains on our server and we are required to hold the data for a minimum of 6 years, as stipulated by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The WINDOWS version is downloaded onto your computer and the taxpayer maintains it themselves.

The pricing for UFile Online is as follows:

Family Head                      $19.95 plus tax

Spouse                              $13.00 plus tax

Dependants                      $ 8 each plus tax.  (Note, you only pay for dependants if their tax return is  NetFiled).

The Windows version for UFILE 4 costs $24.99 plus tax and you can produce 4 + 4 tax returns (4 regular and 4 for revenue under $25,000).

Additional pricing is easily available on our website by clicking the link below:


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