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Capital gains & Foreign income and foreign income tax paid (form T2209)


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I am using UFIle online T2 to file my corporate income tax return. 

I have a T3 slip where I have foreign income and foreign income tax paid. 

I have tried everything to enter foreign income and have it show on schedule 7 with no luck. 

Can you please guide me as to where I can go enter these amounts?  

On the left side menu I see non-depreciable capital property and income sources. Under income sources I have property income or dividends income. I don’t see a section for foreign income. 

Also, I have capital gains on the T3 and T5 slips but I am not sure I have entered correctly. I entered as other property income and entered the CG in the POD box. It does appear on schedule 6 but the taxable capital gain does Not appear on line 705 of section 2 of schedule 7.

These are my two issues preventing me from finalizing my return.

it would be so appreciated if you could assist me in figuring this out.

thank you! 


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Hello AndreaS.

(1.)T3 -  foreign income and foreign tax paid.
Unfortunately, UFile T2 does not support this form for foreign income and foreign tax paid.  
FYI - UFile T2 Supported forms: https://www.ufile.ca/products/supported-forms-for-ufilet2
 However, we do have a professional tax software that will address your needs, please contact us regarding our offering :
Sales Department
1 866 653-8629
DTMax Overview:

The amount should not appear in Schedule 7 line 705 as line 705 stipulates  «other than taxable capital gains from the disposition of an active asset» .

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