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international student arriving in Montreal to study in 2018.


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I am filing back 2018 tax return to carry forward the tuition fee as future years tax credit. CRA rejected the netfile saying that I must fill in my date of entry to Canada, and my Canada sourced and/or foreign sourced income earned when I was not a resident of Canada.  But UFile has no such fields to enter the information.


CRA tax return 2018 reject reason.png

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I understand that this response is delayed, but for those who may have a similar question. When dealing with CRA, they can be pretty picky about details. You definitely need to fill in your date of entry to Canada and report any income, whether it's from Canada or abroad, earned when you weren't a resident. It's a bit of a paperwork maze, but once you get it sorted, it's worth it for those future tax credits!
Well, I can totally relate to your excitement about being an international student since I'm heading to Prague for this cinematography course this Fall. Pursuing your passion is what it's all about!

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