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Online payment when I have a spouse who has their own UFILE account


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I have setup 2 new accounts in UFILE online.  Going from paying for a Windows download and I filed myself and my husbands separately and was allowed I think up to 4 net files.

With UFILE ONLINE do I have to pay full price for myself and my spouse if we are under 2 separate user id’s.     So I have one userid and password for myself and one userid and password for my husband.  (I do his taxes for him).

So do I have to pay 20.99 for each UFILE account I netfile? Or is there a discount for a 2nd netfile if its under a 2nd account.


Debbie K

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Hello debbieK,

With UFile Online you will have to pay for each individual. If you decide to prepare your taxes together in the same file then the cost for the spouse is $14.00 rather than 20.95 plus tax.

In our context, family head means it is the first person entered into the file. There is no other underlying meaning. 

If you purchase UFILE 4 for Windows (on sale now on our website) the cost is $21.99 plus tax for 4 returns and 4 under $25,000. 

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