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Claim Security Options Deduction if Gain is NOT Indicated on T4

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I have Non-Qualified stock options that were exercised and the net gain accrued as income in 2023.  The options are common shares of our US-based parent corporation.  As such, I'm issued an IRS 1042-S indicating the gain and the amount of US tax withheld.  There is no record of this on my T4 in box 38; however, my understanding is that the options are in fact eligible for the Security Option Deduction; they just happen to be foreign income as well.  How do I enter this into Ufile to claim the deduction?  If I enter the proceeds as foreign income, it will be taxed as ordinary income (I do see the credit for the US tax withheld but the entire gain is showing as income, not 50% of it per the Security Option Deduction.)

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