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First time tax return for a 16 year old Netfile regjection error

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16 year old is eligible to receive CPP back and build RRSP room after earning $5000 in 2023.  Netfile is rejecting the submission.  We tried to open a CRA account but it requires a line of info from last year's tax return for which there wasn't one. 


Do we have to mail in her first tax return, or is there any way to successfully Netfile?


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Good day, Megan,

1) receive CPP  back
A person must be at least 18 years old to start contributing to CPP.
A 16 year old cannot receive CPP back as the person is not eligibe to contribute to CPP in the first place.

There is no minimum age for opening an RRSP.
However a person must receive employment or business income to earn contribution room.
In order to make contributions to an RRSP account, a minor needs to have earned income the previous year and filed an income tax return with the CRA.
The contribution room available for the next year will be shown in the year's Notice of Assessment.

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Good day, Megan,

I forgot to mention that the return for a person filing for the "very first time' (a first-timer) is eligible for NetFile.
Yes must be chosen for the related question in the CRA questions page.

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