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Reporting Foreign Income


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In 2023, I made a foreign income in Japan as a royalty ( I allowed my digital illustrations to be used). 

I do not have any business number, but I assume that this falls under the category of foreign income - business, self-employed in Canada.  

I selected "Foreign Income and Property" under the business foreign income on the Interview setup page. 

From here I am stuck. Do I enter the amount I received in Japanese yen before taxes in "Gross amount of Foreign Business Income" and "Foreign Business Income Entered as Business Income"? 

I also started to fill out T2125 for self-employment income. However, how do I enter the business income when my only income for the year was from this foreign income in Japan as a royalty and I do not have any other expenses? Do I report the business income of an amount before the taxes I have already paid to Japan in CAD dollars? 

If anybody can provide me with any advice, it would be really appreciated. 

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