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Hello moogsyt,

Sorry you are having difficulty but it sounds like you are using UFILE ONLINE rather than UFILE for Windows. If you signed in with a username and password, you do not require an activation code. 

If you are attempting to autofill your tax return, there can be many variables to verify:

If you cannot download / AFR (AutoFill Return) it could be due to several things:

• If logging in with “Sign-in Partner login” try “CRA sign-in” (using CRA MyAccount).

• Your antivirus or firewall is preventing the download - temporarily disable to download.

• Could be your Internet Service Provider - then you need to restart the modem (or contact your ISP)

• Check system date and computer time and date and language so the computer can synchronize with the CRA.

• Make sure your account access is up to date.

• If you are using a work computer, it could be your IT administrator is blocking the download. Contact your administrator.

•There may be a corrupted (bad) record in the AFR file from a T4 / T5 / T5008 etc. as provided to the CRA by your employer, bank/broker etc.

• If you have Windows 10 or 11, download “Microsoft Edge Webviewer” at the following link (it may not have been bundled in your version): https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?Linkid=2124703

•Enable location services 

If the screen is continually loading, check behind your active screen to make sure the CRA has not opened another page waiting for your OK.

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